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Realvolve Podcast Ep. 8: Krista Mashore, on how to finish in the top 1% every year

"I just don't stop. That's it. I don't stop, with anything. I keep on trying to be better."

When Krista Mashore left her teaching job to pursue a career in real estate, she wasn't just testing the waters. She knew she HAD to make it work. Fortunately, Krista isn't one to give up or slow down or sleep in. When she entered the world of real estate 16 years ago, she went ALL IN—and finished her first year in the top 1% of real estate agents in the country. Today, she also has a successful coaching business through which she shares her expertise with other real estate agents.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Krista for episode 8 of the Realvolve podcast, and let me tell you—this is an episode you don't want to miss. The practical knowledge she shares is invaluable, and her energy and enthusiasm will motivate you to get up and start making things happen!

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Here's a rundown of my chat with Krista:

0:30 - How she got started in real estate & coaching

8:37 - An agent's biggest concern today is "not enough time"

9:26 - 4 things Krista has done to stay in the top 1%

10:18 - Krista discusses the full sales cycle (see clip below): "Leads are easy. What's difficult is actually working those leads..." 

12:50 - I ask, "Let's say I've been in the business 5 years, as a real estate agent—what do I need to do, step 1, if I want to have a better year than I had this year?" Krista shares some great tips on how to use video and social media to build trust.

17:45 - Don't let technology be the replacement for you. YOU have to actually pick up the phone and make the call!

19:28 - A nice plug for Realvolve. Thanks, Krista!

21:43 - New tech companies are threatening to commoditize real estate, but here’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of them: “People need people in real estate."

24:06 - Krista's goal planning process

26:50 - Give yourself credit for what you are doing right. Success breeds success.

28:26 - Mindset plays a huge role in your success. Try Krista's 7-day positivity exercise.

30:20 - Krista's team manifesto

32:35 - Why she believes in taking 10% of what you earn and spending it on your self improvement.

Learn more about Krista and her coaching at kristamashore.com.


Dale Warner

Dale Warner is the Chief Operating Officer at Realvolve and oversees daily operations, sales, and marketing strategy, as well as development and customer support initiatives. Dale joined Realvolve in August of 2016 as the VP of Sales and brings to the role a healthy background in managing startups toward sustainable and consistent growth.


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