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This 30-minute morning routine can make you more productive and happier than 96% of agents (No joke!)

By | on 03, Sep 2022 |   Productivity

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The Most Overlooked Secret-Weapon to Accomplishing Your Goals.

By | on 27, Aug 2022 |   Productivity

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The Boring, Assured, Path to Achieving Your Goals.

By | on 20, Aug 2022 |   Productivity goals

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If Long-Term Success is the Goal: Play > Work > Hustle > Busy

By | on 12, Aug 2022 |   Productivity

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You Don’t Have To Be *Perfect* To Be A Rock Star Realtor

By | on 12, Aug 2022 |   Real Estate Success Productivity

"Perfect is the enemy of good." That expression makes my anxiety spike. A little voice in my head protests, How could "perfect" be a bad thing? And why would you want to be "good" when you could be "p[...]

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5 Major Time-Wasters Every Real Estate Agent Should Avoid

By | on 15, Jul 2022 |

You know the success of your real estate business depends on prioritizing income-generating tasks. That's what all of the top real estate coaches tell you. So you pull up your calendar and start time-[...]

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How To Prevent Your Real Estate Emails From Being Labeled As Spam

By | on 08, Jul 2022 |   Lead Follow-Up Email Marketing

"You sent me an email? Huh. I never got it." It's a huge bummer when an email to a client ends up in the spam folder. It makes you wonder how many of your other emails, to other clients, are getting m[...]

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How To Build Trust With Your Real Estate Prospects & Clients

By | on 24, Jun 2022 |   Relationships

For someone to choose you to guide them through the biggest financial decision of their lives, there has to be trust. So, how do you show a prospect that you are trustworthy? How do you continue to gr[...]

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6 Steps To Hosting An Awesome Real Estate Client Appreciation Event

By | on 16, Jun 2022 |   Repeat & Referral Business

After being apart for so long, it’s really, really nice to be around people again. For many of us in the U.S., Covid restrictions have been loosened for a while now—but the novelty of it still hasn’t [...]

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How To Hire A Real Estate Assistant

By | on 08, Jun 2022 |   Real Estate Success

Administrative assistants are the unsung heroes of the real estate industry. Of every industry, really. Without assistants, there would be too many missed appointments, too much misplaced paperwork, a[...]

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How To Go On Vacation Without Abandoning Your Real Estate Business

By | on 03, Jun 2022 |   Real Estate Success

Do you have a vacation planned for this summer? I sure hope so. Whether it's a weekend getaway to the mountains or a 7-day stay at the beach, taking time off from work to relax, recharge, and have som[...]

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Lead Magnets: 6 Enticing Giveaways That Will Attract Real Estate Leads

By | on 27, May 2022 |   Lead Gen

Content marketing is my favorite. The idea of creating something valuable, giving it away for free, and allowing it to facilitate a connection with the exact people you want to help? It's such a whole[...]

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To Get Real Estate Leads, Give Back

By | on 06, May 2022 |   Lead Gen

What if your best lead generation strategy wasn't about lead gen at all? What if, instead of trying to get new leads, you focused on giving? When lender David Behr decided to volunteer his skills and [...]

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3 Hands-Off Methods for Getting Qualified Real Estate Leads

By | on 27, Apr 2022 |   Lead Gen

As a real estate agent, there are so many hands-on tasks that demand your attention throughout the day: contracts to negotiate, past clients to call, video CMAs to record, pop-bys to drop off, listing[...]

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Buying Real Estate Leads: The Pros and Cons of PPC Advertising

By | on 22, Apr 2022 |   Lead Gen

There are many ways to get real estate leads. You've got the classic "interruption" marketing: door-knocking, cold-calling, etc. On the flip side, you've got the newer, less-intrusive inbound strategi[...]

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5 Strategies for Connecting More Deeply With Your Real Estate Clients

By | on 31, Mar 2022 |   Relationships

I'm assuming, based on your career choice, that you are a "people person." Because real estate isn't just about selling houses and negotiating offers—it's about helping people. If you don't care about[...]

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Answer These 5 Questions To Define Your Real Estate Brand

By | on 25, Mar 2022 |   Marketing

It's never too late to rebrand yourself. Just ask Taylor Swift, everybody's favorite country-starlet-turned-pop-queen-turned-folk-artist. Even if you don't need to do a complete overhaul of your real [...]

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Rough Morning? Here Are 6 Quick Ways To Turn Around A Bad Day

By | on 17, Mar 2022 |   Productivity

It’s really hard to be “on” all the time. We’re not machines, there’s no power switch, and we have very human reactions to all different kinds of stimuli. Too little sleep, or too much alcohol the nig[...]

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Why Real Estate Agents Should Stop Multitasking

By | on 10, Mar 2022 |   Productivity

"If only there were more hours in a day." How many times have you found yourself thinking that? But let's be honest with ourselves. If we did have an extra hour during the work day, would we spend it [...]

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Delegating for Realtors: How To Overcome Your Fear of Letting Go

By | on 04, Mar 2022 |

Do you suffer from a “no one can do it better than I can” complex? It’s a common affliction among real estate agents. Maybe it's a side effect of toxic hustle culture. Maybe you just have a hard time [...]

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How To Create A Real Estate Drip Email Campaign

By | on 24, Feb 2022 |   Marketing Email Marketing

Here it is—the basics of creating a drip email campaign for your real estate business. In this blog post, we'll cover the definition of "drip email campaign," get into the specifics of crafting your e[...]

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Real Estate Agent Ratings: 11 Best Practices for Getting Online Reviews

By | on 16, Feb 2022 |   Lead Gen

Online ratings can have a serious impact on your business. High ratings and detailed reviews that sing your praises can result in more leads knocking on your inbox. Consistently low ratings—or even a [...]

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5 Totally Smooth Real Estate Scripts For Reconnecting With Past Clients

By | on 10, Feb 2022 |   Repeat & Referral Business

What if I'm bugging them? What if they're doing something important right now? What if they don't even remember who I am? What if they think I'm being too pushy? So many doubts can flood your mind whe[...]

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12 Micro Habits for Real Estate Agents (That Lead To Huge Success)

By | on 20, Jan 2022 |

Do you wish you were one of those super-hydrated people who drink a gallon of water a day?

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10 Unusual New Year's Resolutions For Real Estate Agents

By | on 28, Dec 2022 |

Sure, you could resolve to eat more vegetables this year, or exercise more, or remember to floss your teeth every day. But what if you chose something a little more...unusual for your New Year's resol[...]

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