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It’s almost launch week!  Everything You Need to Know About The New Podcast for Real Estate Agents!

The time has come!  Introducing The Best New Podcast For Real Estate Agents in 2018!

We are beyond happy to announce the long-awaited podcast for real estate agents!  On Monday, October 15, we’ll be releasing one new podcast to your favorite podcast player (iTunes, Stitcher) each day through Friday!  

We’ve been recording these great ‘casts and picked our favorite five for the launch week. The lineup is a surprise, however if you want a peek, just go to our pre-launch landing page and RSVP for our launch week festivities, giveaways and a drawing… and get your sneak preview!

What’s that, a Drawing?

Yes, and while we’re not telling you what the drawing is for, here’s a promise:  it’s WAYYYY better than a T-Shirt. We can almost guarantee that you’d regret not participating.

To make this fun, each day at the end of our podcasts, we'll be sending you a challenge. 

And we know more than most how busy agents are.  So we have designed this contest to work with your busy lives!

These ridiculously mindless challenges will earn participants a daily badge, each with a letter assigned to it, and in 5 days, the badges collected will spell out the five letter name of this mystery prize.  Still not sure what we mean?  Sign up now and play along!

In addition, we'll be awarding some other fun giveaways along the way to all who participate.

Why Podcast?

Our blog has always gotten great ratings by our subscribers!  But dang, who has time to read anymore? To all of the agents out there who want to stay ‘in the know’ amongst the quickly evolving industry we’ve gotten ourselves into without the hassle of having to read, we’ve decided to invite ourselves along with you during all of the driving around that you do each day, during your morning jog, while you’re painting your extra bedroom… you get the idea!

And in this, we’re excited to bring to you two exciting segments:  “The Agent of Tomorrow” and our “Realvolver Spotlight”:

The Agent of Tomorrow

There is an underlying theme for our podcast that will soon become apparent to our listening audience; the real estate landscape is evolving quickly just like everything else in the world today. What this means to all of us, is that we have a responsibility, for the sake of our existence, to stay up to speed so that we can react, respond, and strategize to remain highly competitive, no matter what changes we might find ourselves faced with.

Our goal is to provide you with all of the info you need, by interviewing the trail-blazing leaders in our industry; the coaches, industry experts, the top-producing agents… so that we can all follow along and learn from their lessons, habits, skillsets, and outlooks to improve our own.

Realvolver Spotlights

Have ever wondered what you’d be like if you could instantly inherit the number-one strengths of every single person you know?  You’d be a superhuman of sorts!

With all of the amazing agents using Realvolve, we don’t feel that superhuman agent status is out of the question. We’re going to be interviewing anyone and everyone that we can who are Realvolve users who have a valuable story to tell, or an exceptional skill or talent to share.

We’re crowd-sourcing them all to extract every lesson that we could possibly learn for our own benefit.  In fact we could be calling on you for our next story.  And if you’re reading this thinking you have a skill or story you’d like to share with us, comment below - I want to hear about it!

How to listen

If you’ve never listened to a podcast before, don’t worry, you’re not alone!  It’s easier than you think. Here are your step-by-step instructions, that will get you dialed in, and wiser by the commute (or workout, or wherever you'd have an otherwise free moment)!

iTunes: You’re in luck, just download Apple’s Podcast App and search for Realvolve!

Stitcher: (the popular choice for Android users): You’re in luck again, download Stitcher’s App, and search for Realvolve!


So, let’s go! At this point, there are two routes you can take to enhance your future agent-self: A) Get to iTunes or Stitcher and subscribe to our podcast right now, and/or B) RSVP to the Podcast Launch Party!  We STRONGLY recommend option B; you don’t want to miss out on the fun!


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