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29 Real Estate Email Subject Lines that Convert

This blog post was originally published on July 19, 2019, by Jon Yourkin. It has been updated to reflect the latest in email subject line best practices.

We sure have a lot of fun testing out modern email marketing techniques and best practices here at Realvolve. And because we know writing creative email subject lines is no easy task for real estate agents who have a gazillion things on their plate, we're sharing 29 of our favorite subject lines here in this post. 

But before we get to the list, let's consider the key components of an effective subject line.

What Makes A Good Subject Line?

Whether you're following up with prospects or crafting a drip email campaign, you need subject lines that are creative, compelling, and informative without giving too much away. A good subject line that piques interest is the difference between a prospect opening or ignoring an email.

  • 41 characters max: Data from CampaignMonitor shows that a large proportion of email users (38%) are using iPhones to check email. To make sure your entire subject line can be read on an iPhone, keep it fairly brief: 41 characters, or 7 words, is the ideal subject line length.
  • Accuracy: While the main goal of your subject line is to get your email opened, you'll only aggravate your audience if, upon opening, the content of the email isn't what they expected. Don't be misleading in your subject line. Instead, find a compelling way to briefly explain what your email is about. (Our only exception to this rule, as you will see below, is when you're getting zero responses from a lead—then you might as well try something crazy as a last-ditch effort.)
  • No spammy words: Avoid using the words "free," "sale," and "discount," because these are among the most common spam triggers. Writing in ALL CAPS or using too many exclamation marks could also flag your email as spam. Another way to avoid the spam folder is to make sure your subject line accurately describes the contents of your email.
  • Personalization: Including a person's name will get their attention, so be sure your CRM is up-to-date with the correct information (because nothing will de-personalize an email faster than misspelling someone's name). You could also try inserting relevant personal interests into a subject line. Depending on the purpose of the email, you might insert the address of a property they viewed on your website, mention the local sports team, or include words like "dog-friendly" or "parents."

Find below some of the best subject lines for following up with leads, corresponding with current clients, nurturing past clients, breaking through radio silence, and more.

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Subject Lines for Following Up With Leads

1) 5 min call to discuss [[Property Address]]?

There's no time to waste when it's the initial follow-up for an online lead. Keep your subject line brief and direct. This subject line even lets the lead know that you don't intend to take up a lot of their time—after all, 5 minutes is a pretty easy commitment.

2) Don't miss out on [Property Address]!

If you don't hear back a day later, give this one a shot. It will create a sense of urgency that could make them feel more compelled to open your email.

3) Your urgent request for home information

Another way to remind the lead that, hey, this is pretty time-sensitive.

4) Here's the info I promised you

After you've had a successful first conversation with the lead, you need to stay in touch to keep moving things forward. Have something of value that you can share with them, and then send it using this subject line.

5) Next steps

Leads who are eager to move forward with you will be equally eager to open this email and find out what happens next.

6) So nice to meet you, [Name]!

After your first conversation with a lead, send a follow-up email with this friendly and welcoming subject line.

7) Just Listed: [Property Address]

When it comes to sharing listings with your leads, keeping it plainly stated is often best. But if you want to spice things up...

8) Fall in love with [Property Address]

...try using more emotional words, like "love" or "dream home." These next three subject lines also tap into people's emotions.

9) Welcome To [Property Address]: Your Dream Home

10) Live Your Best Life At [Property Address]

11) Be the envy of your friends with [Property Address]


Subject Lines for Working With Your Client

12) Phone call on [day] at [time]?

If you can fit your entire message into a subject line, have at it. All that needs to be added to the email message here is "Let me know if there's a better time, and I'll call you!" In the age of texting, many of your prospects will appreciate this brief style of email.

13) We can do hard things.

Even if your prospect has never heard of author Glennon Doyle and her famous mantra, they'll appreciate these words of empowerment. This subject line acknowledges that buying/selling a home isn't easy—and it reminds the client that you've got their back. A little emotional support goes a long way in an agent-client relationship.

14) Your 3-step plan for this week

Your clients are probably feeling overwhelmed with juggling home buying/selling, work, and family. This subject line, which demonstrates how you've simplified things for them, will set their mind at ease. In the email, encourage them to focus on one step at a time and one week at a time.

15) Friday update from [Team/Company]

Providing transaction updates on a regular schedule can help your emails get opened. If your client is expecting an email from you on Friday (or whichever day works best for you), they'll be on the lookout for it.


Subject Lines for Past Client Nurturing & Referral Requests

16) [#] Tips For [Home Maintenance Task]

One way to provide ongoing value to your past clients is to share home maintenance advice. Whether your subject line is "9 Tips for Lowering Your Home's Energy Bill" or "How To Make Your Hardwood Floors Shine," be sure to put a numeral or "How To" at the beginning to grab attention and indicate that it's a quick and valuable read.

17) Ultimate Guide To Living In [Neighborhood]

If you're distributing a helpful or educational resource (such as a neighborhood guide, a list of the top local services and businesses, or a seller's guide), be sure to clearly state what they'll get in the subject line. Use personalized keywords that will grab a particular audience's attention ("The Ultimate Los Feliz Neighborhood Guide," "The Pet Parent's Guide To Los Feliz," "Your Guide To Selling A Home In Los Feliz," etc.)

18) [City] Housing Market Report - [Month/Year]

When sharing monthly market updates, be sure to keep things local and include the city or metro area in the subject line.

19) Home prices are [up/down __%] in [city]

Another way to write the subject line for market reports is to highlight the most newsworthy statistic, whether it's something to do with prices, time on market, active listings, etc.

20) [Name], a quick favor?

Use this subject line when it's time to ask your client for a review or referral. Include their name in the subject line to catch their attention.

21) Hoping you can help

People like to feel helpful, especially if they can help someone they genuinely like. Your most loyal clients might jump at the opportunity to help you out with a referral or a written review.

22) *Clink* 🥂 Cheers to 1 year in your home! 🏠 

Give your "happy home anniversary" email subject line some extra pizzazz with a couple of emojis.

23) 5 Things To Do In [Neighborhood] This Weekend

Because this email will only be relevant for a couple of days, it's more likely to get opened right away.


Subject Lines To Use After No Response

24) To sell, or not to sell?

It's not just a cheeky play on Shakespeare; your lead really might be asking themselves this very question. Use this subject line to reel back in those seller leads gone dark.

25) Hi [[Lead Name]], it's me again!

If you're having no luck, try a friendly and conversational approach.

26) Did you get my last couple of messages?

This polite nudge will let the lead know that you've made some consistent attempts to reach out.

27) Did I read your mind?

Add a dash of intrigue to your subject line. Then, in the body of your email, take a few guesses at what might be holding the person back from moving forward with you as their agent: "Are you wondering...what home you can afford? If you can buy and sell at the same time? When to start visiting homes in person? How to tell when a property is a good deal? I can help with all of that!"

28) It's been 6 weeks since I first got your info

Sometimes life gets in the way, and before we know it, weeks have flown by without us realizing it. This subject line can provide leads with a gentle reminder of how much time has passed since your last interaction.

29) Should I take the hint?

Are you getting zero replies after repeated attempts to connect with a lead? It might be time to send a final goodbye email. But maybe, just maybe, this self-deprecating subject line will finally get you a reply.


Email subject lines are tricky things. What worked last month or with the last prospect might not work with this one. Be flexible, always be testing, and get creative for the best results.

What are some of the most effective and creative email subject lines you use in your real estate business?

Sammy Harper

Sammy Harper is the content marketing coordinator for Realvolve. In addition to a decade of digital marketing experience, she has spent the last six years immersed in the world of real estate and CRM. Fascinated by the real estate industry and inspired by agents’ stories, she is dedicated to providing valuable content to help real estate agents thrive.


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