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[WEBINAR SERIES] Survival of the Fittest Real Estate Agents: Get Ready for 2019

The Year's Most Critical Webinar Series That You Can’t Afford to Miss!

In a recent discussion on our Realvolve Facebook community, many agents chimed in with their predictions of what’s to come in 2019—the challenges agents will face, as well as the skills required to succeed. Based on their predictions, it's clear that with each year that goes by, the idea of ‘survival of the fittest’ applies more and more to agents. Soon we will become an industry in which only truly skilled professionals have a place within the market.

Start preparing for 2019 now

Agents cannot afford to wait until January 1 to start working on a plan to become the most well-rounded, fittest-of-the-fit agent in their community for 2019. In a recent podcast, mortgage broker and real estate coach Dave Behr explained why he starts his year in November

A critical exercise in preparing for any new year should always include taking the time to research and list out all of the coming trends that could impact our industry and livelihood—and then committing to a plan for each.

Well-rounded set of skills + CRM technology

It’s no longer enough to have just one strong skill set, whether that be sales, follow-up, relationship building, marketing, or any other critical success competencies.  Today, agents need to excel at every facet of business ownership because now we’re competing against so much more than just our neighboring agents.

For buyers and sellers, the evolving state of real estate can only bring better experiences with more options.  For real estate agents, remaining competitive requires maintaining a breadth of knowledge that changes rapidly. No longer can new agents pursue a career in real estate with the thought that they can enter easily and joyfully capitalize off of an overflowing market of opportunity.

Just as Amazon changed the retail landscape, giants within real estate hope to do the same. Fortunately, unlike the purchase of basic electronics and gifts, buying a home will always leave real estate transactions with a pronounced need for human interaction—and plenty of it.  We believe that humans—those armed with a well-rounded set of skills and some incredibly smart CRM technology—will be the true victors in our industry.

Elon Musk, in a recent interview, inferred that humans walking around with smart phones in their pockets are essentially modern day cyborgs. If that’s the case, real estate agents armed with Realvolve are the machines of the future. We’re working hard to build the smartest and most advanced—yet personable—CRM for agents.  And our upcoming webinar series is designed to prepare you to maximize your outside skill sets as well. Combined, our hope for you is that you will march toward the exciting opportunities of 2019 without a doubt that it will be the strongest year of your life.

So, in the spirit of change, what are your plans to innovate, adapt, and be the top producing agent in your community in 2019?  We want to help get you there!

Please sign up right now for our series, beginning Thursday, November 8, at 10AM PST.

Webinar 1: Dale Warner - COO, Realvolve

In our first webinar, our very own COO, Dale Warner, talks about how automation and team processes ensure that agents and business owners stay totally focused on their goals—and also achieve them. Dale is a master at operations and a large part of why Realvolve has continued to grow to where it is today, using principles that can (and should) be used by any small business.

Catch the Replay here >>

Webinar 2: Krista Mashore - Krista Mashore Coaching

Krista Mashore, real estate coach and top producer serving East County, CA, is a textbook example of creative marketeur, disciplined business woman, and provider of top notch customer care.  We’re asking her what she thinks the perfect agent of 2019 will look like. Use this as a guide as you build out a blueprint for your business in 2019!

Catch the Replay here >>

Webinar 3: Weldon Long - Author and Sales Guru

Weldon Long, one of the nation's most powerful speakers, is a driven motivator who teaches Consistent Sales Results and Prosperity Mindset philosophies. Make no mistake about it, selling skills and trust-building are pinnacle to the qualities that agents and teams need to possess in a time where competition will most certainly come in many different forms.

Catch the Replay here >>

Webinar 4: Meet the Realvolve Virtual Assistants (VAs)

Dale Warner is joined by three in-house VAs to discuss how to make 2019 your best year ever in the real estate world!

Here’s what they’re sharing:

  • Emily Magana – Database organization
  • Kerry Phillips – Thinking through your systems and processes
  • Charity Aslin – Past Client Nurturing – loving your peeps beyond the transaction

Catch the Replay here >>

The four part series can be found on Realvolves' On-demand Webinars page.

Mark Cafiero

Mark is passionate about the evolving nature of content marketing, is a creative problem-solver, and feels strongly that the secret to success for business lies within an empathetic approach to understanding customer needs and wants. Mark is Realvolve's newest addition as their Director of Marketing Strategy. Mark is proud to have some of his accomplishments featured in Timothy Ferriss' 4 Hour Workweek (extended version).


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