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Pause to catch your breath then keep moving forward!

While on our family vacation to Breckenridge Colorado this year, I went for a morning run up the mountain just above our condo.  As I made my way up the zigging and zagging streets and the inclining rocky trails, I noticed the beauty of my surroundings. The sound of the brisk mountain water rushing down the creek was extremely soothing, but there was a challenge...


Being from Missouri, I found myself out of breath and uncomfortable in the high altitude. Thoughts of turning back kept running through my mind.   I pressed onward despite of the lack of oxygen.  I paused to catch my breath at various points and to take in yet another view, even more beautiful than the previous. Each point made me appreciate that I didn't stop and turn around... I wish I could have continued to the summit, but I simply ran out of time, which forced me to make my way back down.

On the return trip, I started thinking about how my experience running up the mountain relates to new Realvolve users.  Similar to my morning run, you may have challenges causing you to be out of breath.  The thought of turning back will run through your mind, but pressing onward will allow you to see the beauty of Realvolve. There are plenty of features that you haven't reached yet, features which will make you more productive and successful.  The key to that success is the determination to continue moving forward.  Don't give up when those thoughts come and you're out of breath, just keep pressing onward. Just because you haven't made it to the summit, doesn't mean it's not there waiting to show you even more beauty.   



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