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How To Use Workflows To Mitigate The Cost Of Hiring A Real Estate Assistant

By | on 31, Aug 2017 |   Real Estate CRM Productivity

This blog post is the 4th in a series of 5 articles demonstrating the impact templates and workflows can have on your real estate business. When you hire your first assistant, you have to train them..[...]

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3 Methods For Achieving Your Real Estate Goals For 2017

By | on 17, Jul 2017 |   Real Estate Success Productivity

Watch My Quick Video: How to Follow Up on More of Your Goals Take a moment to think about the goals you have for your real estate business. Some of those goals are pretty ambitious—perhaps you want to[...]

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5 Quick Lessons For A Better Real Estate Business (and Better Life)

By | on 12, Jul 2017 |   Real Estate Success Productivity

Originally posted on the Realvolve Community, July 16th, 2017. My First 14'er. Us Realvolvers work hard and play hard. This week, the team has allowed me to take a few days off. In Colorado, there are[...]

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How Meditation Will Make You A Better Real Estate Agent (No, Really!)

By | on 07, Feb 2017 |   Productivity

If you’ve known Realvolve for even a short amount of time—in particular, if you know Dave—you’ve come to realize that mindfulness is a core value of the company. You’ve also heard someone (probably Da[...]

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5 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Be More Productive

By | on 15, Nov 2016 |   Real Estate Success Productivity

If you're in real estate, your days are often unpredictable. The key to being a more productive agent is figuring out how to get back in control of your day. Success is achieved one day at a time...bu[...]

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New Training Portal for Realvolve Users

By | on 02, Sep 2016 |   Productivity

LEARN IT QUICKER: Here at Realvolve, we are all about educating users. Training material like Videos, How-To Documents and Webinars are readily available but in our excitement, we missed one thing....

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How Tidying Up Will Improve Your Real Estate Business

By | on 09, Aug 2016 |   Productivity

It is often said that if you want to really know a person, go to their home and open their drawers or closet. Many people are outwardly clean and organized, but the true measure of someone’s life is t[...]

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Pause to catch your breath then keep moving forward!

By | on 01, Jul 2016 |   Real Estate CRM Productivity

While on our family vacation to Breckenridge Colorado this year, I went for a morning run up the mountain just above our condo.  As I made my way up the zigging and zagging streets and the inclining r[...]

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The Secret To Being A Productive Real Estate Agent

By | on 05, Jun 2016 |   Real Estate Success Productivity

Consider this.   The average agent spends about 75% of their day in busy, non-productive activities. They are reacting to the crisis of the moment or unclear on what how to leverage the odd moments in[...]

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5 Ways Your CRM Can Leverage Time

By | on 18, May 2016 |   Real Estate CRM Real Estate Success Productivity

It was a plaintive cry for help by a young, up and coming, Realtor.   "I am concentrating a lot of mental energy on not dropping balls that lose people money or houses and sometimes miss balls in the [...]

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