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Are You Integrating Or Migrating To a New Real Estate CRM?

It used to be that migrating from one real estate customer relationship management (CRM) system to another required a lot of manual steps, mental inventory of contacts, or time consuming efforts. At the end of the process, you would cross your fingers and make sure everything integrated correctly...in the hopes that you wouldn't get a massive headache.

At Realvolve, we've been through thousands of migrations and integrations. This means we have processes and documents to help you when you decide to change CRMs.

Keep reading to find out how to migrate and integrate from your current CRM software or system.

If you are integrating or migrating from Top Producer, Wise Agent, Advantage Xi or IXACT Contact, please select the best resource to help you with your process. You can move your data to Realvolve quickly and easily in two steps!

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In addition to these specific migrations, Realvolve has the ability to import most data from CSV files of other systems.  We have saved "field mappings" which can be used to automatically align data fields when importing from other systems, such as By Referral Only, Insightly, Contactually, Liondesk, Outlook, iCloud, E-Edge, and RealtyJuggler.

The three-minute video below will show you how to map the fields when you are importing data from systems that we have not previously mapped via CSV files.  

Have any other CRMs we should map? Let us know in the comment section!

Mark Stepp

Mark Stepp is the Chief Innovation Officer at Realvolve. He has been designing, developing, and engineering real estate automation software since 1983. Mark hosts online webinars and training classes for Realvolve customers on all aspects of CRM, listing & transaction management, and workflow development.


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