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4 Crucial Lessons Real Estate Agents Can Learn From "Fred" the Mailman.

Who is Fred?

Reading motivational books about success and relationships have always inspired me. I recently read a book called "The Fred Factor".  It's a story about a mailman named Fred who loved his job and took great pride in his customer service - a true role model for anyone wanting to make a difference in their work and in life! Fred's ultimate goal as a mail carrier was to provide his neighborhood with top notch service and to treat everyone he came in contact with as a friend. What a concept! 

Going above and beyond with our relationships and showing passion in what we do, really does go a long way. It helps us grow and creates a path of health, wealth, and happiness. If we can grasp the "Fred Factor"concept and implement it into our daily routine, we can become a "Fred" and bring meaningful and measurable results to life! 

Enhance Your Life and the Others Around You

We all want to be successful. Not just financially but in all aspects of life, health, and most importantly, our daily habits. Like Fred, we should not look at work as an obligation, but as an "Opportunity". The four principals below are brief explanations of how we can go from oridnary to extraordinary just like Fred:

  1.  Everyone Makes a Difference - the more value you create for others, the more value will eventually flow towards  you. Knowing you've done your best and the acknowledgment or reward of others, is your path to a fulfilling career.
  2.  Everything is Built on Relationships - it doesn't matter what line of work you are in, relationship building is the most important objective because the quality of the relationship differentiates the quality of the product or service.
  3.  Continue to Create Value for Others -  imagination is the key ingredient to create value for others, just be a little more creative and genuine with your efforts. 
  4.  Reinvent Yourself Regularly - everyday is a new beginning and an opportunity to make a difference. What are you waiting for?

At the End of the Day...

I hope you take the time to read "The Fred Factor". Don't be afraid to go the extra mile and let others get to know the REAL You! Be sincere with your relationships and treat individuals with kindness and respect. Be a good listener and geniunely show that you care. Most importantly, take the time to do something nice for someone on a daily basis, not because you feel you have too, but because you want too. Show the passion in your work and your relationships everyday - success will follow.






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