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New Training Portal for Realvolve Users


Here at Realvolve, we are all about educating users. Training material like Videos, How-To Documents and Webinars are readily available but in our excitement, we missed one thing....


We started off creating YouTube videos to help explain the basic features...  

The list of videos continued to grow and we created "Play Lists" to group the videos so users could find them easier... 

User feedback indicated the need for more printed material, so we start compiled help documents and "white papers" into a library of searchable resources that could be printed easily.  We created the "30 Day Training" for new users so daily emails step them through the system in 30 days.  Some users loved them others had a tough time keeping up with the daily series so we added everything into to http://help.realvolve.com and grouped documents and videos into sections to help organize them.

But we were still missing something...  


We took a step back to look at what we created and realized that while we had a lot of good "Stuff" but it still didn't have structure...  Users had to 'search' for what they needed and many got lost.   It's Like searching the dictionary for a word you don't know how to spell..  You know it's in there but not sure exactly where to located it.
Over the past few weeks we've been redesigning how we train users.  Our first section called "GETTING ORGANIZED"  is ready for you to use.   This is geared for Realvolve users that want to learn the basics of organizing your database.  We guide you through each section, step-by-step but you can easily find what you need in one screen.   There are additional links to resources for the topic so you don't have to go searching.  Click on the link below to see the new site.  Give your feedback because we are still looking at how to improve it.





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