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The Most Overlooked Secret-Weapon to Accomplishing Your Goals.

“Happiness consists of getting enough sleep. Just that, nothing more.
- Robert A. Heinlein

For those closest to us, whether it’s our spouse, children, close friends - one of the first questions we ask in the morning is “How did you sleep?”. 

Indeed, sleep is important. It’s the bedrock of health, happiness, clear thinking, and productivity. 

Our success in life depends on our ability to make good decisions. Our happiness depends on our ability to not care about the outcomes. And we can’t do either of those without good sleep.

Here are some frameworks I use that help me set the stage for good sleep:

1) Work in Sprints: Give yourself abbreviated deadlines. Have you ever noticed when your child is given an assignment that they often get it done just a few hours before the deadline? Parkinson's Law says that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. Instead, work like a lion—sprint, rest, repeat.

2) Become Antifragile: Markets will shift. Life is chaotic. The best aren't broken by the chaos—they build structure to benefit from it.

3) Be an Impatient Long-Term Thinker: Long-term thinking plus short-term impatience for action is the recipe for success. Plus, long-term thinking allows us to tune-out short term obstacles that can keep our minds racing. 

4) Laugh Through Chaos: If you’re operating at a high level, there will be difficult times. Make sure you’re surrounded by people who can laugh through the chaos If you can do this, it means everyone wants to stand with you, and no one wants to stand against you.

5) Examine each Day: Where did I go wrong? What did I do? And what duty’s left undone? 


6) Measure what You Want to Improve: Here are tools I use to help me get better at prioritizing my sleep:

 Sleep wearable I use: Oura Ring: https://ouraring.com/taf/2091c0457c 

 Mattress I sleep on: Eight Sleep: https://www.eightsleep.com/

Most of us know this: sleep is fundamental to our success. Make sure you're getting the sleep you need to help you become and stay the BEST YOU for this long journey you’re on.

 Have a great week!

Dave Crumby
CEO | Firepoint & Realvolve 

PS - Just a reminder, if you have a noteworthy success story to share, please reach out to me. We're compiling a new book of real estate agent and team success stories. We'd love to give you some local and national recognition!

Dave Crumby

Dave is the Chairman of Firepoint / Realvolve, a state-of-the-art customer relationship management (CRM) platform built expressly for real estate agents. Dave began his real estate career as an agent in 1996. Dave authored in 2013 the book titled 'REAL: A Path to Passion, Purpose and Profits in Real Estate’ that has since become a best seller. The book features Dave's experience and the wisdom of other successful real estate leaders, such as the CEOs of Zillow, Trulia, Better Homes and Gardens, and many others.


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