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How To Use Video Marketing To Earn More Real Estate Clients

As a real estate agent, you are in the business of building relationships, so your marketing needs to be personal, human, and genuine. That's why video is the ultimate marketing tool for agents.

Don't limit yourself to sending out postcards and send e-blasts. Create and share videos. Let people see your warm smile and hear the passion in your voice.

Many experts say the best way to earn more real estate clients is to follow the Know/Like/Trust method. First, you have to share something about yourself to help them KNOW you; then, you must share something of value that will get them to LIKE you; finally, by proving that you always deliver on your promises, you can earn their TRUST.

In this blog post, I'll discuss some ways you can use video marketing to earn real estate clients by getting them to know, like, and trust you.


According to marketer and copywriter Renae Gregoire, for someone to truly KNOW you (and not just know about you), you need to actively share some personal, intimate information with them. So in your About Us or Introduction video (or any KNOW video), don’t just say what you do. Say why you do it. Share a personal anecdote that lets the reader into your mind and your heart. Then they will start to really know you.

Here are a few great examples:

Kendyl Young, founder and CEO of DIGGS Real Estate, gives us a heartfelt answer to the question, Why does DIGGS exist?

In this introduction video by Kim Colaprete, managing broker of Team Diva Real Estate, the first thing she tells us about herself is that she's from an "old school South Philly Italian family that moved to Jersey." And we instantly want to be her friend.

Kathy Rukat Smith of Palmetto Coastal Homes sends a friendly video email (through Realvolve's integration with BombBomb) to her new web leads to let them know "there is a real person on the other side of this screen."

Kathy Rukat Smith intro video


In her article for Content Marketing Institute, Gregoire says to get people to LIKE you, you have to help them feel a connection with your brand. Here are a few tips:

  • Be yourself. Let your personality shine through in your videos. People who share your opinions and interests will be drawn to you.
  • Be nice and make people feel good. This tip comes from Georgina El Morshdy of Copyblogger. Try giving a compliment in one of your BombBomb video emails: "You have a lovely, really unique home, and it would be such a blast to help you sell it!" Boom. Instant LIKE power.
  • Provide value. This is what seals the deal. Be useful to people, and they'll almost always instantly like you (and maybe even love you). First-time buyers, for example, will greatly appreciate a video giving them a simplified rundown of the intimidating homebuying process.

Let's take a look at another Kendyl Young video. Her vibrant personality shines through in this informative video where she answers commonly asked questions. She's emphatic, she's earnest...she's just downright likable.


To earn a person's trust, you must consistently deliver on your promises. Only time will tell them if they can really, truly trust you. But before they’ve started working with you, they can learn from other people who trust you. This is where testimonial videos come into play!

Here are a couple of examples:

Jesse Peters, the "Social Savvy Realtor," shows raw, unscripted footage of himself interviewing clients who have just closed. He overlays some text to highlight specific successes of the deal. It's genuine, it's true to his brand, and it provides evidence that he can be trusted.

This testimonial video for Greg Geilman and The Domo Group (RE/MAX) has a higher production value, but it still tells an authentic story of two first-time homebuyers.

So, what do you say...ready to start shooting some video? 

It's okay to start small. Record a quick introduction video on your phone—share a little bit about yourself and why you love your job (and don't forget to smile!). Then you can upload it to your Facebook page and start your own YouTube channel. Ta da! You're officially a video marketer!

As you continue to create all kinds of exciting videos—new listing promos, community profiles, local business reviews, Q&As, etc.—don't forget those three magic words. Know. Like. Trust. Be yourself, provide value, and allow your past clients to sing your praises. If you do those things, you're not just creating cool videos—you're also building relationships.


Sammy Harper

Sammy Harper is the content marketing coordinator for Realvolve. In addition to a decade of digital marketing experience, she has spent the last six years immersed in the world of real estate and CRM. Fascinated by the real estate industry and inspired by agents’ stories, she is dedicated to providing valuable content to help real estate agents thrive.


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