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How A Real Estate CRM Improves Your Business Over Paper

People know they should switch to a client relationship management (CRM) system / software, but many are not sure why

Of course, a CRM system itself doesn't transform anything. It's a piece of code or software providing visibility, automation and follow-through. What actually will change your real estate business performance are the behavior changes in your people and the process improvements enabled by the CRM system.

Because they are unsure, most people look for the closest equivalent to what they know. Essentially, they want to keep the same system but have it available on their iPhones, iPad or laptop computer.

But, computers can do so much more than replicate your traditional, paper-based system.

Here are five reasons Realvolve (the smartest CRM in real estate) is better than anything you can do on paper.

1. Enter once, use a bunch of ways
Enter a bit of information (like property address) and use it in a bunch of different ways.  Use it in letters, forms and to create records.  How many times do you need to fill out the property address when you sell or list a home?  Or, throughout the years as you keep touch with a past client?  I love the time and hassle savings of doing all of that data entry just once.

2. All the history in just one place
Technically you could do this with paper, but you'd need to cart a LOT of paper around everyday!  And, what about all those emails, texts and notes?   You might carry around today's files, but what about the stuff that closed last year?  And, wouldn't it be cool to have all the information on a client the next time they buy or sell?  Right at your finger tips, instantly?

3. To Do lists that reflect reality
Our paper-based to-do lists are pretty linear.  Do A, then B, then C..... But in reality, an item like "Get buyer pre-approved" can have a few different outcomes: approved, not approved, or wait for credit improvement.  Your next task will change depending on the outcome, right?  Here is another idea.  Let's say your list says, "order pictures, create marketing and order sign rider". You can't create the marketing until you get your pictures, but you can order the sign rider. What if the task, "create marketing" didn't show up until you had the pictures?  Paper can't do that.  Realvolve can.

4. Accountability
If you are a team or have an assistant you'll love this.  Your people?  Not so much unless you hired right and train well.  Paper based systems are easy to ignore and super difficult to monitor.  Plus, the paper gets lost, misfiled, left behind..... On Realvolve, your people need to clear the tasks as they go.  It's super simple to go in and see who is doing what and when.  One can either use this power as an evil tyrant or a benevolent coach—we are not here to judge.

5. Predictive Analytics
What the heck is that, you ask?  Predictive analytics is a super geeky way of saying we can look at your data and predict what is going to happen.  We analyze all sorts of things that you have entered into Realvolve and we can tell which relationships need love and which are growing stronger.  We can tell how many potential deals are in your database and how much money could be made.  All of this is still developing, but we are further along in this concept than anyone else is, and it is nothing a paper based system could ever do!

Why switch to a computer-based organization system?  Because life is more complicated, we are connected to more people and our industry is no longer part-time or transitional.  Professional people need professional tools.  Professionals don't need a better form of old tools.  They need a digital assitant.  

Realvolve—be the agent you were meant to be.

Kendyl Young

Kendyl Young is the founder and owner of DIGGS, a residential boutique brokerage in Glendale CA. Kendyl’s detail oriented style of business has led to 27 successful years of selling and the launch of her own brokerage. In 2015 she doubled her business with the help of Realvolve and her workflows. Kendyl is named on Inman’s List of Influential Real Estate Leaders and is a popular writer, speaker and thought leader in the industry.


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