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Does a Real Estate Agent Need a CRM?

CRM for Real Estate Agents

A customer relationship management (CRM) system can be extremely beneficial for a real estate agent as it can help them manage their interactions with clients and prospects, and track leads and deals.

A CRM can help a real estate agent to:

  • Organize and centralize all the client's and leads contact information in one place.
  • Keep track of all interactions with clients and leads, including emails, calls, and appointments.
  • Automate the process of sending follow-up emails and messages.
  • Schedule appointments and set reminders for important tasks.
  • Create reports and analyze data to identify patterns and trends in their business.
  • Collaborate with their team members, if any, on deals and leads.
  • Store and manage property listings and documents.

Overall, a CRM can help a real estate agent streamline their business processes, improve communication with clients, and increase their productivity, which can lead to more closed deals and revenue.



Dale Warner

Dale Warner is the Chief Operating Officer at Realvolve and oversees daily operations, sales, and marketing strategy, as well as development and customer support initiatives. Dale joined Realvolve in August of 2016 as the VP of Sales and brings to the role a healthy background in managing startups toward sustainable and consistent growth.


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