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The Best New Real Estate Podcast for 2018 and Beyond



If you’re an agent who’s currently part of the Realvolve community, you know that we pride ourselves on being far more than just another CRM for real estate agents.

Recently, we’ve written about the value of empathy in business, as well as our wish for each and every one of you to re-examine your relationship with time. These are two values that Realvolve proudly embraces as part of our company culture, much more than most businesses do.

We practice empathy by understanding that you, our customers, are not robots that can be manipulated into paying for our services, but rather intelligent human beings with real needs, demands, emotions, feelings, and desires—all of which we have an obligation to meet. We want to help you serve your clients with this same level of empathy.

We also want you to develop a healthy relationship with time; to understand that time is not an infinite resource, and that tomorrow is not guaranteed. We work hard to provide you with automation tools (workflows) and strategies that will give you back more time.

Speaking of time…

The real estate industry is evolving at warp speed. Your career and livelihood can be impacted at any time by a host of potential disruptors. Consumers’ demands are growing and constantly being influenced by new apps and online services. But we believe there is no piece of technology that can replace the human element that is required by nature during one of life’s most emotional transactions.

The outlook for real estate agents most likely translates to fewer agents handling more transactions and providing exceptional service. Only the best will survive, and the best will also be on the forefront of these changes.

Introducing the Realvolve Podcast!

Your success is important to us. Our goal is to position Realvolve agents to be the thriving real estate agents of tomorrow. Our wish for you is simple:

  • Not just survive, but dominate within the evolving real estate industry
  • Live more effective lives as agents (and human beings)

To accomplish all of this, we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Realvolve podcast! Each episode will feature an inspiring interview with a highly successful real estate professional.

This is not  a podcast about Realvolve.  It's not a podcast about CRMs or workflows.  We feel that we already provide our audience with plenty of that content!  This is, however, a podcast about being rich in our professions and personal lives, all while being in sync with the quickly-changing times of our industry.

We realize you are a busy and dynamic bunch, so all of our interviews will be available in three formats: video, audio, and written. For each podcast episode, you can also expect a video on our YouTube channel, as well as a transcribed post here on our blog. So whether you’re a reader, a watcher, or a listener, we’ve got you covered.

We’re still finishing up our interviews, so the official launch date is yet to be determined! Stay in the loop by signing up here; we’ll be sharing more information about our guest lineup and launch date to all who subscribe. You will not want to miss the launch of Realvolve: The Podcast!

Also, join in on the fun of podcasting! If you've ever thought about creating your own podcast, it's easy!  Start here.



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