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9 Lesser-Known Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents

It’s important to press pause every so often—to take a break from the incessant grind of daily tasks—and take a moment to evaluate the tools you’re using to get your job done.

As a real estate agent, your digital toolbox probably contains an email program, a CRM, perhaps a social media scheduling app, some simple design tools, and maybe even your own client-facing app for viewing listings.

But what if there was just one more app that could really give you a competitive edge, or at least make one aspect of your job a little easier?

We asked real estate agents and Realvolve staffers for some of their favorite lesser-known (but seriously awesome) apps and tools, and the result was this list. We hope you find something valuable here! (Miss our first batch of cool tech tools? Check out our previous blog post 10 Cool Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents for even more inspiration).


LenderLetter is a convenient way to access pre-approval letters for your buyers. Lenders who have an account can post an editable letter, allowing you—the real estate agent—to customize it with your client’s offer price and terms of the purchase agreement. This is particularly handy when you’re making an offer over the weekend or after typical working hours.

If your favorite lender isn’t already using this tool, encourage them to check it out!


This project management tool is great for planning and organizing your various marketing initiatives. You can create categories for each of your projects (e.g., Listings, Online Ads, Social Media, Blog, Direct Mail, Events) and invite members of your team to collaborate. Within each project, you can create a list of tasks, assign them to different people on your team, set deadlines, add comments, create subtasks, and more. We use Asana to plan out our blog posts—each task is a blog topic and it is assigned to the person who will write it.

If you’re not using Realvolve’s workflows to manage your lead generation campaigns, Asana will do the trick.


As a successful real estate agent, coach, or real estate trainer, you might be thinking about writing a book to share your knowledge. But the thought of sitting down in front of a blank computer screen for hours on end, pounding away on the keyboard, trying to capture your real estate wisdom—that probably isn’t the best way for you to produce a book.

Now there is a different way! Enter Scribe (formerly Book In A Box). Scribe has created a new, nontraditional process for writing a book. There are 7 steps, but in short, it all boils down to you (the author) doing a series of phone-based interviews to outline and structure your book.

First, a professional outliner helps you create a structure for your new book. Next, an editor uses the outline as a guide and conducts a series of interviews with you. These conversations are then transcribed and edited into the final manuscript. The whole process requires 50 hours on the phone over 7 months, and the final result is a book full of YOUR ideas, in YOUR words and voice.

Rescue Time

We’re big on time management, so we had to include this cool app. Rescue Time runs in the background on your computer and mobile devices to track your online activity. It sends you weekly reports on how you’re spending your time, allows you to set productivity goals, and even lets you block distracting websites. So if you suspect you’re wasting precious hours mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, this app can help you add back some time to your day!

The free version allows you to set goals, receive a weekly email report, and view 3 months worth of report history. With the premium version ($72/year) you can also track offline activity like phone calls and meetings, as well as block distracting websites.

Otter Voice Notes

If you use a transcription service like Rev.com to convert audio recordings to text, you might want to also check out Otter Voice Notes. Moz staffer Stan Schroeder vouches for its ability to create pretty accurate transcripts, though he points out that it works best in a quiet environment. Additionally, the app can recognize your voice and distinguish between speakers within a conversation. The free version of the app allows you to transcribe up to 600 minutes per month.

Dark Sky

Some clients want a lot of hand-holding. What better way to show them you have everything under control by adding the ability to predict the weather to your repertoire?

Dark Sky is a superior weather app that predicts exactly when it will rain or snow exactly where you’re standing. So you can choose the perfect time of day for a client’s open house, or know whether or not to bring extra umbrellas to a showing, or give your client a heads up to drive carefully on their way to meeting you. It’s the little things, right?


Our good friend Krista Mashore just shared this service with us. Whether you need to put together a client testimonial video or spruce up your PDF of First Time Homebuying Tips, Fiverr is the app for you! Fiverr connects users with freelance designers, writers, video editors, web developers, and more. And pricing is often as little as $5 or $10.

Breakthrough Broker

Krista also told us about BreakthroughBroker.com, an amazing free resource for real estate agents that covers everything from marketing to lead generation. This is a goldmine for marketing templates (postcards, brochures, prospecting letters, etc.), business plans, technology reviews, content to share on social media, and more!

Realvolve Workflows

Yep, this is ours. Pardon the not-so-humble brag, but we can’t end this list without including the tool we genuinely believe will be your biggest game changer. Realvolve is a customer relationship management software, but it’s not your typical CRM. A feature called Workflows allows you to automate your entire real estate process so you can provide a consistently excellent client experience every time.

Technology moves fast. There’s always a new tool or app on the horizon, and it can be so hard to keep up. Here at Realvolve, we’re constantly on the lookout for useful (or just plain cool) tech tools and apps. Have you discovered an interesting or valuable new app? We’d love to hear about it—leave us a comment below!

Sammy Harper

Sammy Harper is a regular contributor to the Realvolve blog. In addition to a decade of digital marketing experience, she's spent the last five years immersed in the world of real estate and CRM. Fascinated by the real estate industry and inspired by agents’ stories, she vows to provide only the most valuable of content to help agents thrive.


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