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4th of July Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

BOOM! POP! BANG! CRACKLE! Before you know it, the 4th of July is just a week away. Do you have a marketing plan ready to take advantage of this summer holiday? 

As a real estate agent, it’s important to be on everyone’s radar at this time of celebration and community. Here are a couple of quick and simple ideas to make your Independence Day marketing remarkable.

Don’t underestimate eNewsletters

This may seem like a no-brainer, but some agents actually forgo sending out newsletters during months around key holidays. However, an “eNewsletter” in the form of an email or landing page on your website might keep you front and center with your database during the holiday.

Given that it’s a time to celebrate and spend time with family and friends, why not include some tips on how to host a great barbecue? Or pool and fireworks safety?Make it personal, relevant, and human! You can then sprinkle in your homes you have listed, housing market info, or neighborhood news.

Another great thing to add is a recipe for a Fourth of July drink, appetizer, or dessert. (Here’s one of my favorite drinks I make every Fourth of July: Basil Lemonade.)

For the design of your enewsletter, make sure you use a themed template or imagery and colors to match the holiday. Red, white, and blue—as well as photos of flags on houses—is a great start.

With a solid enewsletter, your reach could be more impactful. In fact, a uniquely placed call to action to check out open houses you are holding during the holiday might draw a few people who are in town for the Fourth!

Throw a barbecue or a fireworks viewing party

A great way to draw even more people to your open house is to hold an event like a barbecue or a fireworks viewing party with appetizers or drinks. This will not only bring some hungry guests your way, but will also show off some of the property's outdoor and indoor amenities. (If there's a swimming pool, you could even throw a pool party. Just make sure you have folks watching the little ones!)

Invite your leads and client list in advance. In the eNewsletter, ask them to RSVP by a few days before the open house (this will allow you to prepare the right amount of food and drinks), and let them know that, in addition to answering questions about the property, you will be serving special treats!

Be sure to have plenty of food for those who RSVP. Decorate with flags and Fourth of July-themed plates and napkins.

As for any open house, make sure you have a checklist (or workflowhandy in your real estate CRM so you don’t forget a thing. This will be a little different from your regular open house checklists, so you'll need to include things like utensils, plates, a variety of drinks, napkins, trash bags and cleaning supplies.

But if you really want to up your game this 4th of July, try holding a movie event at the open house!

Throw a movie night with the stars

outdoor movie night blog

No, I’m not saying you should invite Leo or Charlize. What I mean is, move the party outside, under the stars, and screen movies in the backyard of the open house! Here are a few tips for making your outdoor cinema soirée a success:

  1. Set up your display: I found this super simple video by Dan Faires that shows you how to set up a movie screen for an outdoor event. If you don’t have time to set up something like this, you could simply project the movie on a white drop cloth or large white wall of the house!
  2. Set up your seating area: Any chair will do! But fold up chairs work best—they’re inexpensive and super easy to store for your next party, and could even be used for extra decor. Try tossing a throw pillow on each chair to create a comfy, cozy vibe. Little ones usually like to be up front, so provide blankets for them to sprawl out on.
  3. Power and Projection: You’ll need to run some long power cords for lights and the projector, but make sure these cords are not in the way. To make your movie night feel more classic, try to find an old-school projector and reels (you remember the one that we had in science class?) and screen an oldie-but-goodie flick.
  4. What’s a movie without concessions? Showcase the features of the outdoor space by creating an awesome concession stand. I suggest making a variety of different popcorn flavors for you guests to choose from! My favorite is  salted stout caramel, and this maple chili sure does sound good. Of course, what movie night would be complete without candy? Pick up classic movie theater candy (or even make some of your own) and serve your treats in large glass apothecary jars with decorative labels and your business card attached. You could also give your guests paper snack boxes to fill with their choice of goodies. For drinks, set out a large galvanized metal bucket filled with ice and glass-bottled sodas. Or serve up some homemade lemonade (see above), which you can easily turn into cocktails for the adults.
  5. Light the way: The backyard will be pretty dark when the movie starts, so guests may have trouble finding their way to the concession stand for refills. Outline a path with solar lights or votive candles in glass jars.


4th of July themed “pop-bys”

What’s a pop-by? A pop-by is a small gift given to clients with the intention of deepening your relationship and providing an opportunity to connect. Most real estate agents add a catchy tagline with the gift to make it fun and memorable and to ultimately to strengthen the connection with clients or potential clients.

Nobody does pop-bys better than Jackie Egan and Cathy Purcell from RESCU! Here are two pop-by ideas that you can unleash this 4th of July:

BBQ Sauce with Background

Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce Pop-by: “When it comes to my favorite folks, you hit the ‘Bull’s Eye’!”

Smores Image Realvolve

Smores Kit Pop-by: “Wishing you smore & smore fun this summer. Love, Jackie Egan”

Remember, these events and items are a great way to do something special for your clients. You may even want to take it one step further and invite your clients to bring someone who is looking to buy or sell a home. The environment will be relaxed enough for you to have a casual chat with these leads, but they'll also have the opportunity to get to know you on a professional level.

These tips can be replicated for any holiday…just change the theme!

What are your plans for the 4th?

What tips do you have to share?


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