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4 Reasons Why Extroverts Make Great Real Estate Agents

Being a real estate agent means interacting with people day in and day out. You have to love people to love this gig. And that’s why it might seem like introverted real estate agents are at disadvantage. They’re not, though. Introverts actually make great real estate agents.

There are TONS of articles all over the internet touting the virtues of being an introvert—Why Introverts Make Better CEOs, 5 Reasons Why Introverts Are Great Leaders, etc.

But what about extroverts? Is being introverted really better? Are extroverts actually the ones at a disadvantage?

No way.

Both personality types have strengths and weaknesses, and both personality types make great real estate agents. It’s just that introverts have traditionally been viewed as the underdog, so there's a need to make a case against that misconception. But if articles like Why Being Introverted Is The Best Thing Ever are getting you down, here’s a blog post for you, fearless extrovert.

The Difference Between Extroverts and Introverts

This whole introversion/extroversion thing is really all about what energizes you. If you're an extrovert, you feel energized and inspired when interacting with other people. Being alone can actually drain you.

Introverts, on the other hand, recharge by spending time alone. Being around too many people for too long can be exhausting.

With that being said, it's pretty clear why extroverts make phenomenal real estate agents.

Why Being Extroverted Means You Were Born To Be A Real Estate Agent

Shoutout to Jayson DeMers, founder/CEO of AudienceBloom, for this list of benefits of extroversion.

1) You're constantly widening your sphere of influence.

You love talking to people, and you're not afraid to strike up a conversation with a total stranger.

2) Your communication skills are off the charts.

Because you love talking so much, you get a lot of practice. You're really good at reading people's emotions, being an active listener, and knowing when to wrap things up.

3) Teamwork is your jam.

You don't just work well with others—you thrive on teamwork. You love working on group projects, and you come up with your best ideas when you can think out loud.

Your knack for working on a team means you're a boss at productivity. While introverts might crave solitude and therefore take on too much work for themselves, extroverts are skilled in coordinating a team effort to get stuff done.

4) You've got charisma.

You're outgoing and optimistic, which makes you really charismatic. People want to follow you and hear what you have to say. You probably have a decent following on social media, which is a powerful relationship-building tool for real estate agents.

Your staff loves you and wants to work hard for you. Your clients love you and want to send all their friends your way.

Extrovert, you were born for this business.

Sammy Harper

Sammy Harper is the content marketing coordinator for Realvolve. In addition to a decade of digital marketing experience, she has spent the last six years immersed in the world of real estate and CRM. Fascinated by the real estate industry and inspired by agents’ stories, she is dedicated to providing valuable content to help real estate agents thrive.


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