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Realvolve Update: Google Drive Sync

Posted by Mark Stepp on Feb 6, 2018 8:43:30 AM

Realvolve now has the ability to sync the files tab of Contacts, Properties and Transactions with your linked Google Drive.

Any files uploaded to Realvolve will automatically sync to the Google folder and files uploaded to Google will sync to the Realvolve files tab automatically once the Google folder is linked. Watch the video see how!


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Realvolve Update: Contact Filters - New Filters and Improved Process

Posted by Mark Stepp on Jul 7, 2017 10:54:06 AM

From the beginning, Realvolve has incorporated contact filters to retrieve groups of contacts from the database. As new fields were added, we expanded the number of available filters to meet the growing need of the users. With the addition of several new fields, It has become necessary to expand the list of filters once again but there was a challenge… Where to place the filters?

There was simply no room to put the additional filters in the current list view without cluttering up the screen, so we took a new approach!

Instead of listing the filters in one horizontal line, we decided to expand downward to allow for more growth. In order to make the new design work, we needed to hide the filters until they were needed. We also decided to give the users the ability to save custom filters and reuse them in at any time.

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Realvolve Update: Enhanced Dashboard with New Team Reporting Widget

Posted by Mark Stepp on Jun 29, 2017 4:10:38 PM

The Realvolve engineers have been busy improving the speed and performance of the application inside and out. One area they focused on was the load time of the widgets on the dashboard.  The goal was to reduce the time it takes for each widget to display in order to speed up the overall performance.  While doing this, they decided to give the dashboard a facelift with a much cleaner look!  

We’ve added an arrow button to the upper/right corner of the dashboard to hide or show the widgets with one click.  This allows those users that don’t want to see the widgets to quickly eliminate them.  When returning to the dashboard, the system retains the previous setting.

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