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9 Lesser-Known Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents

Posted by Sammy Harper on Aug 15, 2018 7:41:07 AM

It’s important to press pause every so often—to take a break from the incessant grind of daily tasks—and take a moment to evaluate the tools you’re using to get your job done.

As a real estate agent, your digital toolbox probably contains an email program, a CRM, perhaps a social media scheduling app, some simple design tools, and maybe even your own client-facing app for viewing listings.

But what if there was just one more app that could really give you a competitive edge, or at least make one aspect of your job a little easier?

We asked real estate agents and Realvolve staffers for some of their favorite lesser-known (but seriously awesome) apps and tools, and the result was this list. We hope you find something valuable here! (Miss our first batch of cool tech tools? Check out our previous blog post 10 Cool Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents for even more inspiration).

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10 Cool Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents (That You Might Not Know About)

Posted by Sammy Harper on Nov 1, 2017 8:41:08 AM

There are millions of tech tools out there that were designed to make our lives and our work easier, more productive, more enjoyable—just somehow better.

A lot of these tools, you already know—Evernote, Facebook Ads Manager, and, of course, Realvolve. But with new software and apps being developed all the time, there’s no way you can keep up with all of the amazing tools that are available.

To put together this blog post, we scoured the web, dug through the app stores, and even asked our community of Realvolvers...and we unearthed some really cool tech tools for real estate agents. Check out the list—you’re bound to find something that will make your work (or life) better. (Update: Check out our new post 9 Lesser-Known Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents for even more tech tools).

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Why You Should Replace Paper Checklists With Workflows

Posted by Gary David Hall on Jun 21, 2017 4:15:03 PM
This blog post is the 2nd in a series of 5 articles demonstrating the impact templates and workflows can have on your real estate business.

When you become a “paperless agent” and use a CRM with workflows, your day runs much more smoothly. 

Real estate agents are the conductors of the most complex retail transaction in the world.

We are the masterminds behind every prospect acquisition, special event, listing, and transaction. We may get the praise if all goes well. We will hear the grief if it does not.

That means a ridiculous number of details day in and day out, many of which are critical to our successes, and many that can cause our failures. A good organization system is crucial.

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Increase Your Repeat and Referral Business with a CRM

Posted by Kendyl Young on May 31, 2016 8:16:04 AM
Do you wonder how you can create repeat and referral business from the contacts in your real estate CRM  without resorting to spam or edgy tactics?  
You can!
Repeat and referral business happens when you have built a relationship with a person.  This does not happen when you send a barrage of spammy mass emails or text messages.  It happens when you have demonstrated value so that a person goes from "aware" of you to knowing, liking and, finally, trusting you.
Realvolve makes it easy to build the relationships that lead to a lasting and sustainable business.
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5 Ways Your CRM Can Leverage Time

Posted by Kendyl Young on May 18, 2016 10:01:38 PM
It was a plaintive cry for help by a young, up and coming, Realtor.
"I am concentrating a lot of mental energy on not dropping balls that lose people money or houses and sometimes miss balls in the form of birthdays, thoughtful follow up questions, and basic hygiene. Is there a rehab center (with spa) for people in their thirties learning to leverage their time?"
Well, if there is, Marguerite, they better not discriminate against us oldsters.  We need help, too.
In the meantime, though, let’s talk about how you can use a CRM for Real Estate like Realvolve to help leverage time.
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