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The #1 Mistake made when Trialing CRM Software

Posted by Gary David Hall on Jul 5, 2016 5:27:21 PM

People make assumptions! That's it. The single biggest mistake made when researching CRMs is that people give up without confirming their incorrect assumptions.

Prior to my coming to Realvolve, someone who was trialing two CRMs asked me for some more choices. I had given him two to look at and he liked one better than the other. He asked me for another recommendation because the one he liked didn’t synch with Google. Problem was - it actually did sync with Google. He just never asked!

He was ready to give up on the one he liked because it didn’t do one thing he wanted it to do. That may be undeReal Estate CRM Softwarerstandable if that one thing is a deal breaker but, he didn’t take the time to confirm with the CRM company that it didn't do it. You need to ask! Many agents trial CRMs much too quickly. You need to spend the time necessary to truly give it a chance. Giving a CRM short shrift in the trial process would be more understandable if it was one that you picked out of a hat. But remember, if you spend a good amount of time trying to find one and/or one is recommended by someone whose opinion you respect, give it a fair effort.

Make a list of the things you want it to do that you think it cannot. Then contact the CRM company and find out. Don’t assume because you don't see it that it can’t be done. OK? Have a positive attitude and don’t give up too quickly!

Speaking of trials - Try Realvolve, and don't forget to ask us questions!

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