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Solid Tips For Real Estate Agents Using Social Media Marketing

Posted by Joe Samson on Jul 20, 2016 9:19:30 AM

My goal with this article is to prove to you that social media marketing works and  to give you a few hands on tips that you can implement right away! By the time you finish reading these tips, I am certain that you will become part of my goal and experience first hand the benefits of social media marketing.

The Old Way and New Way of Finding Clients

There are many different ways to bring clients into our lives. The old school of doing it is cold calling, expensive marketing, otherwise known as chasing after people. I’d always told myself that if I had to make a living by clinching onto people and having doors shut in my face, I’d rather go and sit in a cubicle all day and work for someone else.

The most compelling way of attracting new clients to us is by sputtering them with so much value and outstanding service, that they are naturally going to be drawn to your business.

Tapping into the Online Business

More-and-more business are shifting their marketing efforts towards the online business model as the internet had revolutionized how clients interact with service providers. This is especially true in the real estate industry. There was a time when home buyers could only access the MLS listings through a printed book that only REALTORS had access to.

Within the last 5-10 years, real estate agents started catching on and they have decided to find their clients online as it appears to be so easy. In a short time span, the number of real estate websites had exponentially increased and every home for sale was displayed online, but people had to register to gain access.

Forcing clients to register on a website rejects users faster than a mosquito repellent on a hot summer night. In my real estate market in Calgary, AB we have one of the most saturated market competing for online home buyers. While most of my competition forces theirs users to fill out an online form, I provide free access to all my users and my goal is to build trust and have them to reach out to me when they are ready. This approach helps to strengthen the relationship and builds trust.

Information Needs to be Trusted

Nobody needs more information, at least not the way it’s being given to them most of the time. There are millions of blogging sites trying to push their own ideas and opinions onto others. People are becoming immune to reading blog posts because there is so many of them and so little time to read.

Social proof has always been a huge catalyst and for some reason people always cared about other people’s approval. Have you ever walked into a restaurant with no customers? That probably made you wonder about whether the food is any good there. But if you walked into another restaurant where you had to wait in line for 20 minutes for a table to free up, your expectations of a positive outcome had dramatically increased because of social proof.

Selecting Your Friends Wisely on Social Media

If social proof is important in a real life experience, then it must be also crucial in the online business as well. Friends in life can sometimes open doors and create opportunities that otherwise we wouldn’t have had before. Unfortunately not every friendship is going to be equally rewarding, if it’s even appropriate to perceive a relationship as such. But since we’re talking about a business model, there is nothing wrong with watching out for your own interest and becoming friends with those who can give you the most leverage when it comes to social love.

Building a relationship with influencers using social media is extremely important for your website. When an influencer with a huge number of followers decides to share your content is automatically socially approved and perceived as a trusted content. You may also end up gaining a bunch of the influencer’s followers and connections to other influencers until eventually you become an influencer yourself.

Road to Building a Relationship With an Influencer

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in a relationship is having a “me” syndrome and not realizing that they are only taking and not investing anything back into the friendship. Most of the influencers are overwhelmed with people asking them for their help all the time and to share their secrets. But very few people is willing to take their time to build trust and establish a relationship without asking anything in return.

One of the secrets of social media marketing that I’d learned a long time ago was to start giving without expecting anything in return. Get so good at helping others so that you will become one of their number one fans and eventually they won’t be able to resist of helping you in the future.

As I’d mentioned it before, social media success is measured by sharing and mentioning. One of the best ways that I’d managed to peak important people’s attention was by mentioning them in my real estate blog articles and letting them know about it. Within hours after publishing the post, these guys had shared the article all over social media and the traffic was flowing in. It’s really that simple. I did not ask them to promote the article, I’d just placed their interest ahead of mine and invested the time to create the blog post.

How to Find Social Media Influencers?

The easiest way to connect with influencers is by joining social media communities related to your industry. In my example, I had joined real estate related groups both on Facebook and Google+. There are literarily thousands of groups for you to choose from, but I would recommend focusing on a selected few which has a high membership count and ones with a very active discussion threads.

Remember the golden rule is to start helping other first and they will most certainly return the favour every time. I had posts on Pinterest that received hundreds of shares almost immediately once it was posted. Without the proper social media marketing this content most likely would have been never seen. When a content goes viral, it’s most important benefit is not for the ego, but the exposure and free flowing traffic that it generates.

Final Thoughts in Social Media Marketing

Without any doubt, it will take some time to see the real benefits of your efforts. Because of this, most people give up even before they start. Or they choose to take the easy way by hiring a social media manager and they think that it will produce the results that you are looking for.

It is more important to make friends with people who will engage with you and be interested in your content, rather than paying a bunch of money to a social media manager located in some third world country who will get you a ton of fake followers

Social media should never be about self-promotion or selling a product, it is about connecting with people, gaining their trust and being at top of mind to them. When you build a good quality fan base on different social media platforms, you will never have to sell again in your life.

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