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Worthshop un-Conference

Posted by Dave Crumby on Dec 13, 2015 4:29:20 AM
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Aloha Realvolve Fam,

I am traveling today. Returning from "Worthshop" - a conference (un-conference) put on by Hawai'i Life Real Estate Brokerage. In my opinion, it is the most progressive, forward-thinking gathering in our industry - designed to encourage us "to think" rather than "what to think and what to do". 

The theme for this year was "Talk Story"... focusing on the power of storytelling in business and life. The speakers were industry chiefs, inspirational thought leaders, best selling authors, and people who are changing how we fundamentally live (it was deep). Nothing being 'sold'...just there to share, help, and tell a story.

Every attendee likely had a different experience or teaching moment - I want to attempt to share what I learned that is foundational in understanding the fundamentals of building a good business and life.

In every corner of our planet, for tens of thousands of years, our species has evolved, experienced periods of joy, of relative normal, and of pain and hardship. Good things happen. Bad things happen (drought, natural disasters, conflict, war, personal tragedies and ehh ehhmm, market shifts, new competitors, etc). Both unavoidable and out of our control. THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING that enhances our periods of good and helps us endure periods of 'bad'....is the quality of our relationships. This is truth now as it's been truth for thousands of years.

Understanding the depth and essence of this truth is transformative while designing your system of living and systems of your business. The quality and authenticity of your relationships is everything.

That's why Realvolve exists.

Your friend,
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