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Evolve Your REAL in 2014

Posted by Dave Crumby on Dec 26, 2013 9:40:25 AM
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"The place to improve the world is first in one's own heart and head and hands, and then work outward from there." - Robert M. Pirsig

All one has to do to become overwhelmed and too frozen to start innovating and getting better at life - is turn on the news...any news. With immense challenges with our environment and many going hungry in the world, it is easy to think that we are going down the tank as a race and planet. However, the reality is that we are actually making progress! The human race is advancing and many things are improving all around us when we slow down and take note.


Many of the United Nation's targets for 2015 have already been hit, such as: the proportion of undernourished people is falling; and more than 2 billion gained access to improved drinking water. A greater percentage of the human population lives comfortably today than at any time in our known history.

We're living in wonderful times. Not only is our economy improving (and the real estate market)...There are breakthrough technologies in energy, fresh water production, nano-tech, crowd-sourced medicine, and other wild but little known things going on mostly in the third world...led by social entrepreneurs like Eon Musk, founder of Paypal. He and hundreds of others are not waiting around for others to solve our challenges.

And we at Realvolve aren't waiting around either. We work hard in our craft to help agents in our industry save time and build sustainable businesses - but we're also fueled to give back and lead change in the world. And thanks to all of you, via sales of our first book - REAL - we are able to make our first, of many to come, contributions to charities that are important to us. The first is to Room to Read: World Change Starts with Educated Children, whose focus is on two areas where we believe can have the greatest impact for a better tomorrow: literacy and education.

As we head into the new year, I look at our team and our families and am experiencing renewed optimism for their, and your children's future. I think it will be bright. We may experience some choppy water ahead, but we will come out the other side stronger and more mature...and our planet will sigh with relief.

Let's 'Evolve the Real' this 2014. Happy New Year Everybody!

--Dave Crumby
CEO Realvolve

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